Hi, I’m Isabel.

I help spiritual entrepreneurs overcome fears and old limiting beliefs so they can attract more abundance and create a soul-aligned business and life.

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About Me

I’m a passionate Holistic Mindset and Energetics Coach dedicated to helping soulful leaders break free from self-imposed limitations.

My mission is to guide you on a transformative journey where you release fears, let go of old limiting stories and beliefs, and open the floodgates to welcome abundance into every aspect of your life.

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Happy Clients

“After a session with Isabel I felt so much better, I was so overwhelmed and fearful of other people’s opinions, she helped me understand a lot of thing and improve my confidence! Really, really helpful. Thank you so much Isabel!” Lilia Mendoza

“I did a coaching session today with Isabel Gondar . She is able to create a deep connection and to leave the space to express yourself. We discussed on how to reject the guilt or not to feel much pressure for the mental models inherited from the family or the social environment. With Isabel Gondar it has been a useful coaching session. I felt understood and relieved. I sincerely recommend Isabel Gondar.” Anna Piatti

“I spent a lot of time working on my own beliefs. Your program helped me a lot. I will not write that my whole life changed suddenly because it would not be true, but a few changes that I made allowed me to change my situation and believe that I am able to solve my financial problems. Now my situation is much better and it is going even better.”
Joanna Kruczyk, Photographer

“I started the money and abundance course with isabel and also I had 1:1 coaching, I’ve completed my 1:1 coaching today and the last 2 sessions were honestly incredible. I’ve never felt anything like it. isabel helped me find my clarity and I had clear plans of my vision (passion) that I have a desire to follow. at the end of the 1:1 I told Isabel what that was and so we agreed that I should go and make it happen, so I will 🤩 there’s so many positives I can say about Isabel, she makes you feel comfortable and listens with precision. it’s life changing, so you owe it to yourself to live your best life and contact Isabel Gondar.” David Hutchins

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